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Maritime consulting


Certa AS is a company specialized in SAS for LNG as a marine fuel. Our experience includes close to 20 maritime projects within LNG for use as main fuel source. During these projects we have also worked closely with most major classification societies such as DNV, GL, ABS and LR.

With our experience from developing safety, control and monitoring systems both from marine and onshore LNG applications we are able to apply well tested and proven technology to our deliveries. Our business is concentrated on engineering and a minimum of administrative overhead. This lets us focus on the core business, delivering quality products on time at minimum cost.

Specific Projects

Harvey Gulf Fuelling Facility
Responsive image Development of automatic operating interface, monitoring and safety system

Siem Pride LNG PSV
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Siem Synphony LNG PSV
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Helgoland LNG Ferry
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M/S Ostfriesland LNG Ro-Pax Ferry Conversion
Responsive image Commissioning, pre-cooling and bunkering of LNG Safety, Monitoring and Control System.

MV F.-A.-Gauthier LNG Ro-Pax Ferry
Responsive image Final commissioning of LNG Safety, Monitoring and Control System

Amazon Conqueror Seismic Vessel
Responsive image Final commissioning of IAS system.

Contact Certa

HÃ¥vard Eide Kvist

Hordagaten 87, 5055 Bergen, Norway

+47 48221197